Process Design & Facilitation

As a leader when you create a new project, build a new partnership, want to create a new strategic plan with ownership, there is power in having an outside neutral facilitator to support you through that process.  

The Power of Facilitated Processes

 I’ve witnessed first-hand the power of a well-designed and facilitated process. An example is while heading the design team of an international development project in Nigeria that was to be implemented in 2 states – one in the Muslim North and one in the Christian South. With the support of my team, I facilitated a process whereby the key stakeholders in each state had the opportunity to identify their current situation, vision a desired future (after 5 years of project support), identify the gaps between NOW and THEN and what support they needed to move toward their vision. The participants in each state identified someone to present their key findings to a national workshop held a week later in the capital city. My team supported each representative to prepare a PowerPoint of the key workshop outputs to present at the national workshop.

Partway through the national workshop, the head of Policy and Planning in the Muslim state stood up and said “Brothers and sisters, I thought we were so different from you. I believed we were not as advanced as you educationally and that our challenges and visions would be totally different. Hearing you present today I now realize that we are essentially the same; you face the same challenges as we do and have a similar vision. I am so looking forward to working together with you to turn our vision into reality!”

Another participant stood up and exclaimed, “This is the first conference I’ve been to in this country where students have been together with representatives of different levels of government, health providers and academia. Students should be here as THEY are the leaders of tomorrow!”

As a professional facilitator trained in conflict resolution, I have over 25 years of experience designing and facilitating processes in Canada, the United States, Latin America, Asia, Africa and Central and Eastern Europe.   

I am passionate about supporting projects, programs and organizations that aim to make a positive difference in the world. With experience locally, nationally and internationally.

I can help you

Design and facilitate workshops and multi-stakeholder consultation processes

create strategic plans that people own

design new projects

Well-designed and facilitated processes have the power to:

  • Foster increased understanding (e.g. among different cultural and religious groups)
  • Model and promote collaboration within an organization
  • Create new partnerships
  • Build ownership
  • Foster creativity and innovation

“I have known Pam since the late 1990s when she led us through our first ever organizational strategic planning.  Pam’s clarity of thought and ability to guide an incredibly diverse group of people through a very complex exercise was exemplary.  She researched our organization and designed a planning process that was both engaging and interesting!  She knew how to ask the right questions, how to listen to the answers through both the spoken and unspoken word, and how to make sure that everyone’s voice was heard. 

We came out of the exercise with a clear and concise Strategic Plan that has served as an organizational guiding document for years.  Pam’s many talents shone again when she later joined our board of directors, and later still worked with us to revise the strategic plan.  I have not found anyone who is as clear thinking in strategic planning, organized, and has such strong people skills since then.”

 Sian Fitzgerald, Executive Director, HealthBridge Foundation of Canada, www.healthbridge.ca

Clients I have designed and facilitated processes with include:
local, national, and international.

  • Victoria Marine Rescue Society
  • Ottawa Independent Writers
  • University of British Columbia (Okanagan) Centre for Healthy Living and Chronic Disease Prevention
  • Human Resources Development Canada
  • Canadian Medical Association
  • Canadian Institutes of Health Research
  • Health Canada
  • Canadian International Development Agency
  • Healthbridge
  • Plan Canada
  • Pan American Health Organization
  • International Development Research Centre – Global Health Research Initiative
  • Government of Pakistan, National AIDS Control Program
  • Ministry of Public Health – Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
  • World Health Organization


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