Get the “Art of Change Framework" - A guide for embracing personal and organizational change.

Custom virtual and in-person workshops to meet your organizational needs

To support you and your team as you navigate change I’ve designed an experiential workshop on “Embracing Change” that many of my clients find helpful as they embark on new projects, create new strategic plans and initiate change processes.



Reduce resistance


Increase morale


Promote engagement


Create cooperation


Build momentum

Embrace the Art of Change:

From Fear and Self-Doubt to Clarity and Confidence

By participating in this workshop you and your team will:

  • Increase your understanding of change and how you respond to it
  • Learn how to let go of/release old patterns related to change
  • Have tools to support you through any change process
  • Experience reduced resistance to change
  • Have increased morale, engagement, cooperation, creativity and momentum

The Art of Change Framework and process can be facilitated with a team or organization embarking on a new project or new leadership. It is also recommended at the beginning of any strategic planning process, or other change process.

 Research shows that our personal beliefs about change and how we respond to it affect our performance as leaders, impact our organizations, and also affect the success of new programs and projects.

“I really enjoyed Pam’s workshop. She has a gift for putting people at ease, encouraging participation and sparking your imagination. Before attending Pam’s workshop, I felt paralyzed and uncertain about what to do and how to move forward in my life. I understand now that any transition is a journey, and Pam has given me a proven model and tools to help me successfully navigate my present transition, and any future life changes that I may want to make.”


“Pamela facilitates a very useful, practical and actionable workshop. She provides a variety of tools to help participants understand the change process and what it means to them. Most importantly she guides them to create personal action plans that they can implement right away.”

Bernadette Allen, President, The Competency Group Inc.

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