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Who I serve 

I am passionate about supporting projects, programs and organizations that aim to make a positive difference in the world.  

 As a professional facilitator trained in conflict resolution, I have over 25 years of experience designing and facilitating processes in Canada, the United States, Latin America, Asia, Africa and Central and Eastern Europe.

“Pam is a very skilled facilitator and masterfully guided us in creating a 5 year Strategic Plan. Her ability to create a synergistic working environment during our planning sessions made it fun, constructive and encouraged all Members to participate freely.

Pam is truly inspirational. I have been impressed by her business savvy and her ability to help recommend proposed solutions.

Working with Pam has enabled our Board to develop a clear vision of our future and what needs to be done to achieve success. I would highly recommend Pam to any organization embarking on a strategic planning process.”

Jackie Cowan, President, Victoria Marine Rescue Society

The Power of Facilitated Processes

 I’ve witnessed first-hand the power of a well-designed and facilitated process. An example is while heading the design team of an international development project in Nigeria that was to be implemented in 2 states – one in the Muslim North and one in the Christian South. With the support of my team, I facilitated a process whereby the key stakeholders in each state had the opportunity to identify their current situation, vision a desired future (after 5 years of project support), identify the gaps between NOW and THEN and what support they needed to move toward their vision. The participants in each state identified someone to present their key findings to a national workshop held a week later in the capital city. My team supported each representative to prepare a PowerPoint of the key workshop outputs to present at the national workshop.

Partway through the national workshop, the head of Policy and Planning in the Muslim state stood up and said “Brothers and sisters, I thought we were so different from you. I believed we were not as advanced as you educationally and that our challenges and visions would be totally different. Hearing you present today I now realize that we are essentially the same; you face the same challenges as we do and have a similar vision. I am so looking forward to working together with you to turn our vision into reality!”

Another participant stood up and exclaimed, “This is the first conference I’ve been to in this country where students have been together with representatives of different levels of government, health providers and academia. Students should be here as THEY are the leaders of tomorrow!”

For that reason, in this iteration of my business, I’ve decided to focus on serving heart-centered leaders and change-makers through process design and facilitation, experiential workshops on the “Art of Change” and coaching.

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Some Personal Facts

  • Love nature and being in, on, or by water
  • Medicine name from an Aboriginal elder is “Laughing Otter Heart”
  • Have been practising yoga for 17 plus years
  • Studied Mindfulness with Jack Kornfield
  • From age 4 dreamt of travelling the world and experiencing different cultures and countries
  • Mother of 2 grown kids I am SOoo proud of.

Some Business-related Facts

  •  Have gleaned leadership lessons from more than 25 years of consulting and managing in a variety of organizations and cultures on 5 continents
  • Lived and worked in the mountains of northern Colombia with a peasant farmer NGO in the late 1980s when Pablo Escobar was “running around” and Medellin Cartel was in full swing
  • Supported the Ministry of Public Health in Afghanistan to develop their first strategic plan and built the capacity of internal teams to do strategic and operational planning
  • Served as a consultant with the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) in Poland, Russia, Lithuania, and Central America
  • Was commissioned by PAHO to research and write the program and policy document for Latin America and the Caribbean Health Promotion: Improving the Health Status of Women and Promoting Equity
  • Was invited to design and conduct a webinar for the Medina Institute for Leadership and Entrepreneurship (MILE.org) in Saudi Arabia on Balanced and Mindful Leadership
  • Taught university for 5 years
  • #1 Best selling author x 2
  • Certified life and business coach
  • Professional facilitator
  • Global health and health promotion expert
  • Have created two successful process/management consulting businesses since the early 1990s, and am currently President of Creative Life Coaching & Consulting.

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