Potential Book Club Questions

The Exploits of Minerva:  Reflections of a Sixty-Something Woman 

The Exploits of Minerva

Reflections of a Sixty-Something Woman

      Potential Book Club Questions

  1.  What characteristics draw you to Minerva if any?


  2. Which experience or experiences of Minerva do you most relate to and why?


  3. What is Minerva’s main struggle? What does she have to learn to overcome and deal with internally?


  4. Of the other women in the Women’s Circle, which ones are you drawn to and why?

  5. Do you feel you have a better understanding of certain life transitions after reading this book? If so, which one(s) and why?


  6. Reading “The Exploits of Minerva’ has … ?


  7. Would you recommend this book to others? If yes, who and why?


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