2012-10-21 16.46.39Pam&YPWhat is the one thing that makes you leap out of bed in the morning?

What is your reason for being?

What is that dream or vision that serves as a guidepost for you to focus on when there is chaos and life gets rough?

That’s your BIG WHY! Some people call it your life purpose. Your life purpose “touches your heart” and “gets you excited.”[1] As Marcia Weider, author of Making Your Dreams Come True says: “The broader you state your purpose the better, because the broader your purpose the more room there is for passion and possibility. “

Here are a few examples of life purposes:

  • To live life as an adventure and make a positive difference in the world
  • To inspire and support others to live their best lives ever
  • To learn and contribute to making the world a better place.

Mine, is to build peace in the world one woman at a time; because when I help a woman find inner peace, she can then build it in her family, community, workplace and… the world. It’s a huge life purpose and a bit scary, yet it inspires me every day and helps me focus when I feel I’m going into overwhelm.

How do you find your BIG WHY? A good place to start is to identify your passions. These are the things that light you up, make your soul sing and when you do them you lose track of time. It could be film editing, teaching and/or mentoring others; it could be painting or dancing to name a few. In a previous post, I shared some proven practices for identifying your top 3 to 5 passions – http://creativelivingcommunity.com/are-you-passionate-about-your-work/. I encourage you do the exercises in that post if you haven’t already.

After doing those exercises or if you know your top 3 to 5 passions, take a few minutes to draft a life purpose statement using the stem: My life purpose is to:

Realize this is just the beginning and you will likely need to return to and reflect on what you’ve written and decide if it really truly is YOUR life purpose. A couple of helpful questions to ask related to your life purpose are: How do I want to be remembered? What am I most passionate about?

Getting in touch with your life’s purpose and drafting one that “feels good to you” will inspire you to move forward and make the changes necessary to create the life and work of your dreams. Have fun!

I’d love to hear from you. Share your comments and insights below. Feel free to share the post with others.

[1] Weider, M. Making Your Dreams Come True. New York: Harmony Books, 1999.

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