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How to Navigate Life Transitions with Ease, Grace & Playfulness

The Exploits of Minerva

Reflections of a Sixty-Something Woman

Having recently separated, and moved to a new city, Minerva thought having regular support from other women might be helpful. This was a huge step for her as she rarely reached out for support. Others came to her. She was the strong one, the one who had it all together – or so they thought!

The ”Exploits of Minerva”, part-memoir, part personal growth guide, explores through raw, real, life-altering and empowering stories, six women in a Women’s Circle who have supported one another for over two decades through various life transitions.

Through the playful and sensitive eyes of Minerva, you will:

• Gain new insights about life transitions including divorce, burnout, finding true love in later life, retirement, and aging.
• Discover experiential processes to support you to successfully navigate your own transitions.
• Learn how to reach out for support.
• Better understand yourself and others.
• Learn how to heal yourself from the inside out

“A must read for all 60-something women! We all can relate to these real-life
stories. Minerva invites you in and soon you get the feeling that she is your best friend, sitting together on the couch with a cup of tea or a glass of wine. Great lessons to get us through our everyday challenges: find your tribe of women to learn, to share, to laugh, to cry with … especially at this age!”

Ingun Bol-de Bock, Founder and President Female Wave of Change, CEO Move in2 the Future and Creator, Wize Move Society

“A story about friendship, navigating life’s challenges and finding love, joy, and purpose along the journey. A beautiful book to inspire and remind us that life is made up of a series of moments… these moments when woven together are our life! A valuable resource for women of all ages.”

– Charmaine Hammond, Best Selling Author, Executive Producer – “Back Home Again” and Co-Founder, Raise a Dream Training & Consulting

“A very relatable story that drew me in from the beginning. Thoughtful discussions about unleashing creativity and navigating challenging transitions in life’s journey. The author’s descriptions of how she found solace through meditative practices and experienced the support of a women’s circle are both practical and hopeful. The underlying theme of wanting to be valued for who you are rather than for what you do, resonates and rings true.”

– Nancy Edwards, Professor Emeritus, University of Ottawa, and author of Not One, Not Even One: A Memoir of Life-altering Experiences in Sierra Leone, West Africa.

“Minerva’s ability to openly discuss separation and divorce, the loss of the love of your life, as well as burnout and aging, inspires you throughout this amazing book.
Minerva shares a wealth of experiences with life transitions based on her own journey as well as those of five additional women who have supported one another in a Women’s Circle for more than twenty years, as only women can
do. This book is truly an engaging read and invaluable resource for women of all ages on how to live life from the inside-out.”

– Dorothy A. Martin-Neville, PhD, Speaker, Author, Leadership Coach/Mentor: Real Women Change the World: Letting the Good Girl Die so the Real Woman Can Live.

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