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“Embracing change is critical to finding inner peace because if we don’t successfully navigate our life transitions we keep repeating the same negative patterns in our lives, and are not free to create the lives we love.”

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Who I serve

I’m passionate about working with smart business and professional women who are going through a life transition and want some tools and support to help them move forward.

My mission is to help build peace in the world one woman at a time because when I help a woman find inner peace she can then build it in her family, community, workplace … the world. When I first “got” that my mission was to help build peace in the world, I was blown away by how huge it was and wondered how I was meant to do this. I thought that since I’m trained in mediation and conflict resolution maybe I was meant to mediate peace talks. Over time I realized that was not the answer. Then, during a guided meditation I finally got it! I saw a globe of interconnected points of light, of varying degrees of brightness, and realized that was a metaphor for women around the world starting to find inner peace and empowering others to do the same.

“Embracing change is critical to finding inner peace because if we don’t successfully navigate our life transitions we keep repeating the same negative patterns in our lives, and are not free to create the lives we love.”

– Pamela Thompson

My Story

In August 2010, I was unsettled and felt like I wanted to make a bigger difference in the world. I had launched my coaching business 18 months before, and had a network of coaches in Canada and the US specialized in coaching people one-on-one through a variety of life transitions. Our clients were getting some good results, but we weren’t positively impacting enough people; things weren’t moving fast enough. My soul was telling me that there was something more, something bigger. I had been studying Body-Centred Coaching with Marlena Field and was engaged in the last tele-seminar of the program. She asked for a volunteer to demo a body-centred decision-making process. I volunteered.

Marlena gave the following instructions:
Find a line on the floor. Now think about what you want. Notice if any negative emotions (e.g. fear) or limiting beliefs (e.g. I can’t possibly do that!) come up for you. Imagine each of those emotions or beliefs as stones in a pack on your back. Then imagine each one of them falling to the ground. Notice how light and free you feel. Now envision what you want. Cross that line on the floor however you wish – leaping, running, walking, and while doing so say aloud what you want… Pay attention to people and opportunities that present themselves in the days and weeks following.

I leapt across the line, a carpet in my office, and yelled “I want to PLAY BIG!”  Within two weeks I received an email inviting me to “throw my hat into the ring” for one of 3 positions in the health sector in a new high level program the Canadian government had launched in Afghanistan.

On receiving the email, I knew in my heart that this was my opportunity to PLAY BIG. I said “yes” to being interested, and within one month I had “won” the contract to be a Technical Advisor in Policy and Planning to the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) in Afghanistan. Two weeks later I was on the ground in Kabul. I ended up living and working in Afghanistan for 13 months and helped the MoPH develop their first strategic plan, and built the capacity of internal teams to do strategic and operational planning using participatory processes. It was an amazing experience!… You’ll never guess what the “line on my office floor” was. It was an Afghan prayer mat I had been gifted while working in Pakistan a number of years before!
When we face our fears and go after what we want, we CAN create lives we love AND make a positive difference in the world. I have experienced the power of groups and know that when smart women get together, much learning and supportive sharing goes on.

For that reason, in this reincarnation of my business, I’ve decided to focus on workshops, group programs and keynote speaking.

Some Personal Facts

  • Love nature and being in, on, or by water
  • Medicine name from an Aboriginal elder is “Laughing Otter Heart”
  • Have been practising yoga for 17 plus years
  • Studied Mindfulness with Jack Kornfield
  • From age 4 dreamt of travelling the world and experiencing different cultures and countries
  • Mother of 2 grown kids I am SOoo proud of.

Some Business-related Facts

  • Have gleaned leadership lessons from more than 25 years of consulting and managing in a variety of organizations and cultures on 5 continents
  • Lived and worked in the mountains of northern Colombia with a peasant farmer NGO in the late 1980s when Pablo Escobar was “running around” and Medellin Cartel was in full swing
  • Served as a consultant with the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) in Poland, Russia, Lithuania, and Central America
  • Was commissioned by PAHO to research and write the program and policy document for Latin America and the Caribbean Health Promotion: Improving the Health Status of Women and Promoting Equity
  • Was invited to design and conduct a webinar for the Medina Institute for Leadership and Entrepreneurship ( in Saudi Arabia on Balanced and Mindful Leadership
  • Taught university for 5 years
  • #1 Best selling author x 2
  • Certified life and business coach
  • Professional facilitator
  • Global health and health promotion expert
  • Have created two successful process/management consulting businesses since the early 1990s, and am currently President of Creative Life Coaching Inc.

Interested to learn more about how to work with me?
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